Turn Boring Into Links Link Links

Link building is like anything else in life, if you approach it with blinders on you’ll miss all the good stuff  and look pretty silly to boot. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box and take a risk even if you’re in an industry that’s not known for producing punchlines.

There isn’t anything comical about stock brokers and online trading, the industry is a strong user of flashy banner ads and dancing figures that most people do their best to ignore. Trying to implement link building campaigns in this market is tough due to saturation levels, even link bait tends to provide little result.  But I found something I thought worked and involves co-partnership, lets take a look.

Meet optionsXpress, a futures brokerage which is now owned by Charles Schwab.  Before they got lucky, they were a nice but boring little site offering information on finances and futures.  The content was factual but flat, and unless you were looking for them, they didn’t jump out at you. But optionsXpress did a very smart thing to increase their visibility, they created an alliance with a highly visible, young, hip and high traffic site called WallStrip.

WallStrip, covers the financial markets with hilarious video skits and commentary by an attractive upbeat host named Lindsay Campbell.  They begin each “report” with a visual ad and verbal nod to sponsor optionsXpress and then roll tape.

Smart partnership, it’s good for both companies, Wallstrip is geared toward the 20/30 year old crowd that’s Internet savvy but not so up on hedge funds or loaded with dough.  Just the market optionsXpress wants to tap.  WallStrip has someone underwriting their video show, optionsXpress gets the exposure, win win!

Take the idea and run with it. Check out sources Mefeedia and blip.tv for vlogs like Wallstrip you can sponsor. Create a focused “link to us” campaign somewhere within the sponsorship to attract more than passive links. Wallstrip is getting a ton of press and as their primary sponsor, optionsXpress will benefit too. Sometimes it’s smarter to jump on the bandwagon and find a way to go along for the ride than do it on your own.