Directory Discounts & Link Building Service Promotions

With money being a little tight these days, I thought a list of discount codes from the general directories, SEOBook, URLWire,  Fantomaster and others would be helpful.   

Let’s start with the directories:


UK Small Business Directory  For our friends in the UK
Coupon Code:  LS20-31/10
Discount:          20% of displayed prices
Promotion ends:    October 31  2009
General Comment:  Register a free listing, contact us with your discount code, and we will provide information on all upgrade options and reduce all fees by 20%

Coupon Code:    Pay for one listing in, get a free listing in
Discount:  Two for one deal.
Promotion ends:  June 31, 2009
Comments:  Send email to after you submit to and we’ll send instructions on how to submit to BangDrum.

Avia Directory
Coupon Code – thelinkspiel
Discount  – $20 off both regular and featured submissions.
Code Expires – May 31, 2009.

Coupon code:   green5
Discount:  $20 of a lifetime listing
Promotion ends:   July 31, 2009

Coupon code:  Alliance-Link
Discount:  15% on all submission types
Promotion ends:  December 31, 2009
Coupon code:  LinkSpiel
Discount:  25% on all listings
Promotion ends:  June 30, 2009

eWilla Directory
Coupon code:  LINKSPIEL
Discount:  $5.00 off standard listing submission
Promotion ends:  August 31, 2009

Best Of The Web
Coupon code:  BOTW15
Discount:  15% on all BOTW products (this includes UK directory and Blog Directory)
Promotion ends:  May 31, 2009

Sezza Directory
Coupon code:  sezza
Discount  $10 off lifetime listing
Promotion ends:  July 31, 2009

Coupon code:  deal21
Discount:  Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Promotion ends: May 31, 2009

Coupon code:  EZSpromo2S
Discount:  $20 off regular fee
Promotion ends: July 20, 2009
Comments:   Our editors will be  glad to review and list your website within 48 hours. Do not forget to send the promo code above and your website information after submission using the following contact form.

BizDir Business Directory – Based in the UK
Coupon code:  bizsave  50% off regular listing
Coupon code:  dirsave 50% off featured listing
Promotion ends:  May 31, 2009

Massive Links
Coupon Code: Y2I5HJ12
Discount amount: 50% = $44.99. These are permanent listings.
Date promotion ends: May 31, 2009

Conference Discount

Search Engine Strategies – San Jose
Discount: 15%
Promotional code: SJ15AL
Date discount expires: none


SEOBook Training Program

Get access to more exclusive SEO tools, our online training program, and the top SEO Community (where Debra is a moderator) and save 25% off your first month as a new SEO Book subscriber
Discount URL:
Discount ends: May 31, 2009

Here’s some of the tools being offered:   hub finder ( ) – finds topical hubs that are good link source candidates + local rank tool ( ) – crawls top Google search results, and then finds links to top ranked sites from other sites that also rank in the local set  + competitive research tool ( ) – find out which pages on a competing site are getting the most valuable search traffic so you know which pages to promote with your internal site link structure and with your external link building efforts.


URLwire is a discreet and highly regarded news service for announcing meritorious Web content to the right people.  Sites announced on URLwire must offer useful, unique, or educational content, or show off the capabilities of the web in some way that is obvious and real. The mission of URLwire is to help your high quality content attract high quality links from trustworthy sources, like online site reviewers, bloggers, editors, writers, vertical web guides, social linkers, etc.

Discount offered:  Second annoucement at no charge.
Promotional code:  LSUW
Promotion ends:  August 31, 2009

Code Monitor

CodeMonitor™ is a free web tool for monitoring, notification, and comparing web page changes made by your web marketer, client, programmer, or a competitor. CodeMonitor checks web pages daily for changes and gives you a side-by-side code comparison.

Tool is free with no expiration date.

Receptional Suite of Tools

My friend Dixon Jones from Receptional Internet Marketing  is offering a selection of completely free web based tools designed primarily by Receptional Internet Marketing for their own use>  He’s opened  a number up for public consumption. A useful link tool is the ability to compare the relative strengths of two domains’ back links according to Yahoo’s data – taken from Yahoo’s API. The tool splits the back links down by domain type and whether the links
are to the homepage or deep links.

Tools are free to use but require signup.  No expiration dates.

10 Links A Day

The 10 Links A Day offers you publication of your articles across a vast network of platforms to assist you in your link building efforts. (And yes, it’s 100% white hat!)
Discount offered:  10%
Promotional code:  9LS05TR5110
Promotion expires:  May 15, 2009
General comments:  No duplicate content issues as each article only gets published once. Up to 3 links per article.  Premium mode allows for offline upmarking and bulk upload – upload and forget. Also, see the bonuses  for powerful article writing software (full version free license included) and other goodies.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a backlink and anchor text database where you can get detailed reports about your competitors backlinks and anchor text.  Tool is free with no expiration date.

That’s it!  Keep an eye on the expiration dates and If you have questions about the directories/companies listed here, contact them directly.  Until next time – happy linking!


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