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Today’s edition of Resource Shelf  listed a report from PEW on how Americans were using the Internet to cope with the recession.  This bit caught my eye and got the link brain going:

Some 69% of all Americans have used the internet to cope with the recession as they hunt for bargains, jobs, ways to upgrade their skills, better investment strategies, housing options, and government benefits. That amounts to 88% of internet users.

First off, the numbers the article references are huge, 88% of American users are turning to the Internet to find certain types of information.  If that doesn’t scream “CONTENT and LINKS” to the enterprising webmaster I don’t know what does.

For newbies with no clue what I’m talking about, let me explain.

There are a bunch of Americans using the Internet to find solutions to problems.  If you have content that’s good and will help them, they may link to it and/or pass it along to others they know will benefit.  The excerpt above is pretty specific in what they’re looking for so your job is now a little easier in trying to figure out what to write.  To refresh your memory the specifics the article showcased were:

they hunt for bargains, jobs, ways to upgrade their skills, better investment strategies, housing options, and government benefits

Is there a way you can write content on any of these subjects as it relates to what you offer?  I bet there is.  If people are actively looking for it, why not write about it  instead of another stupid top ten list ?

Here are a handful of  promotion ideas to get the link ball rolling:

1.  Email your mother, brother,  sister and your current and past customers with a link to the article.  Encourage linking and ask they pass it on to others who may benefit.  (these people already like you so they’re prone to respond positively.  This is why it pays to be nice to siblings ;)

2.  Write a press release announcing the new article, be specific in describing what problem/issue your article will discuss and provide solutions for.

3.  Be sure to include a quote/link to the PEW report as a credibility builder in the release.

4.  Be sure to include a quote/link to the PEW report in your article as well.

5.  Take a shorter version of the article and pimp it to a handful of bloggers in your niche. 

6.  Include social media buttons like “share this” under the article on your site.  Encourage your mother, brother, sister and past/current customers to socialize the material.

7.  Tweet the link, encourage RT’s (RT = retweets.  Here’s a how-to RT article)

There’s more you can do but this should get you started.  With 88% of Americans searching for a specific type of information be the one they link to for answers.  :)


Please read the comments with this post, someone brought up an article written on Search Engine Watch yesterday and I’ve responded since I think the article was a piece of crap.   Thanks ~  debra.

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  1. Warner Carter says

    I was struck that the most salient point of your post is writing content geared toward providing solutions to the problems people are having. This type of providing value should always be attractive.

    When I find a resource I bookmark it and if it is really neat I tell friends. I like to add stuff to and flip links on facebook or buzz.

    A friend of mine pointed out how on one blog I was writing too much as a person in the industry using industry terms but people who need this service talk about and therefor search with the actual problem for terms.

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    Really a great resource on link building. I will try some for my blogs and site. Thanks

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    Thanks for sharing. Honestly, the content of your page is far more necessary. Your visitors will have to read on your content, that’s why you have to make it look good.

  4. Partha Bhattacharya says

    Nice article, Debra. Thanks. Being a link builder your ‘antenna’ is constantly searching for any blip that points to possibility of inward links.

    I’m from India, and though I haven’t used any professional service for my website thus far, I feel link building is a strenuous job that needs expert handling, and therefore to be outsourced.

    As for Sage’s article in SEW, I think he’s partially right because like any other profession link building also has its own share of dubious wrong-doers. But yes there are ethical practitioners as well.

  5. Singapore SEO Consultant In Malaysia says

    Link building is the most boring part of SEO. I am glad that your link building ideas does not include using bot to spam forums & digg clones.