Four Engines, Four Ways To Generate Links

Do you favor one search engine over another when building links? I have a favorite for general searching, but when it comes to link building, I don’t use just one. Ask, Bing, Google and Yahoo! each offers a unique set of search options, I use all of them for a wide range of results. Here’s a handful of linking techniques from each engine I’ve had luck using!   I’m going to use the term “CFL light bulbs” in all my examples, let’s start with Ask…

After doing a general search, take a look at the “Related Questions” listed on the right side of the results page.  The questions listed  provide great ideas for new content topics and resources in submitting content. Take a look at what they’re showing for “CFL light bulbs”:

Since people are actively asking these questions, creating content in response and posting it on your site is great link bait and smart marketing. 

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