Bush Links. The New Name For Paid Links

I read a great article this morning by George Diaz sharing his opinion on Reggie Bush giving up the Heisman Trophy.  For what it’s worth, I agree with George,  Bush only did this as a way to save what little face he has left and avoid the inevitable.  What a shame.  Bush will forever be cited and remembered as the first person to give up the Heisman.  Not how you want to become a historical figure.

Anyway, of course the whole Bush/Heisman/lying-cheating-payoff thing made me think of paid links and how the two issues almost mirror one another.  Just for fun I decided to compare the two situations and draw similarities…

Reggie Bush Scandal

Equivalent Link Building Drama

Reggie Bush Lazy webmaster looking for easy path to online riches
USC The website buying links
Money Links
Pete Carroll SEO hired by webmaster who buys links then slinks off to next customer
Football Agents Text link brokers
Heisman Trophy Coveted first place ranking

 There’s drama, stupidity and risk in link building  AND football! 😉