How To Generate Media Links

One of the tactics I use to generate new links is to review a site’s stats and create a media promotion based on the trends I find. This strategy is not an easy, turn-key linking program but if you’re serious about growing your business as well as your links, it’s one of the best ways to attract authority links.  Here’s a little case study from a past account to show you how.

Recently when working on a client’s website, I noticed a consistent spike in traffic from several European countries;  I tracked the numbers from Germany, Spain and the Netherlands over the course of six weeks and watched them climb steadily. My client couldn’t explain the increase, no special promotion or public relations program had been implemented, no new European advertising had been launched. Since the  report showed most of the search terms used were “standard”  keyword phrases and Google was the largest referrer, I concluded our European visitors were probably using Google Translate to find what they were looking for.

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