Link Building With Elizabeth Taylor

When I saw a tweet this week saying “Elizabeth Taylor has died” I was crushed, she’s always been one of my favorite actors. When I told my kids what happened and both immediately asked who she was,  I decided it was time to make a list of classic movies and start having MGM Night at the Mastalers.

So many stars of the golden era are gone now, I want them to know something about movie history and be familiar with the people who brought movies to life. They take their technology for granted, I remember when color televisions first became popular. :)

National Velvet will be the first movie we see as a tribute to Ms. Taylor along with Cleopatra, Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, Pat and Mike and all the “Road” movies with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. When I told them about my movie night idea, my 14 year old son wanted to know if any of the movies had war, blood, or other assorted flying body parts in them. When I said “yes, a couple do“, he was satisfied there would be more than just “chick flicks” and announced I could count him in. I’m still shaking my head and laughing at that one, the whole “dude” thing starts early doesn’t it?

Pulling together the list of movies made me think of a content development tactic we use frequently to bring in fresh links to old articles or blog posts. Since it’s a good idea to link to internal pages and keep new content flowing, this little tactic is valuable and one you should consider. Here’s what I do:

Step one: Go through your blog/site and find five or six of the best articles/posts you’ve done on a specific topic.

Step two: Create a new post and simply say, I’ve bundled all the best posts I’ve done on topic A, added highlights and new information. Use phrases in the Title like “updated”, “new statistics ” and “the latest information” plus your keyword terms.

Step three: Be sure you say something like “I was SHOCKED to find how much this has changed” or “What a difference six months makes…!!” in the first paragraph of the post. Your goal is to get people’s attention and make them want to find out what’s changed from your original article. Be provocative, teasing but factual.

Step four: Tweet out the new post and add it to your Facebook, or any other social media site you belong to.

Step five: Add these type of links to your profiles on any site you belong to as “resource” links

Step six: Bookmark on Delicious/type sites

Step seven: You can, depending on the length, depth and overall quality of the articles, issue a press release announcing the creation of a new resource area on your site/blog. Just be sure you aren’t throwing together a bunch of schlock and calling it a resource. Be sure to highlight the fact you’re available for interviews, are considered an expert on your subject and back up this claim with a bio. Your keyword phrase plus the words “expert”, ‘resource” or “learning center” are terms the media actively looks for.

Like old movies, old articles and blog posts have value, are interesting and can educate a while new crop of visitors. Since people won’t always take the time to dig deeply into the recesses of your site, bring the good content back up to them by creating a “new and improved” resource. Use what you’ve done to attract new links and renew interest in what you’re offering.

Rest in peace Elizabeth Taylor, you were a class act all the way around.


  1. Debra says

    Thanks Jeff. Four sets of eyes later and Joe Hall found the issue. Fixed! Thanks.

  2. Jeff Rutherford says


    I see the same issue as Miguel. It wasn’t noticeable, but I tried it after I read his comment. If I click anywhere outside the text of your blog post, it goes to your SEL bio.

    I’m viewing your site on Google Chrome on a MacBook Pro.

  3. Fazal Mayar says

    Good tips Debra. I also bookmark my sites to twitter, digg and etc…it’s free backlinks!

  4. Debra says

    Thanks Julie :) I didn’t think it was in bad taste either, this is just how my brain works.

  5. says


    This isn’t even close to being borderline bad taste. It’s an homage to an idol that triggers an idea for business. It’s the way a good (great, in Debra’s case) link builder thinks. It’s not a joke, or an insult, or an attempt to get business. Someone immediately setting up an affiliate site to sell White Diamonds and heavily pimping it on Twitter the second she dies? That would be bad taste.

  6. Debra says

    Thanks Eren and great idea about passing along one link on a topic versus three. :)

  7. says

    Hi Debra,
    Thanks for giving us this step by step on pulling together our best content on a certain topic in a specific post. If the posts we are linking to have really great content, then this will be a pillar piece that people will refer to in the future. It makes it all very well organized. Personally I haven`t yet had the time to create the proper categories for the posts on my site. I`ve been putting off doing this because I want to do good keyword research before creating them so that the categories will eventually rank in the search engines. This idea is also useful in social media. Many times when I`m in contact with certain people I know that they are in need of certain posts on my site, so instead of giving them a whole bunch of links and looking overbearing, I can just send them to one post where everything is neatly organized and described. Cool :-) .
    I really like the way you tied in your personal feelings about Elizabeth Taylor and your family experience and how that sparked this idea. Thanks for honoring her life and work.
    All the best,

  8. Debra says

    I asked my good friend Michael VanDeMar to look at my blog and neither of us sees what you do Miguel. He suggests your page didn’t fully load, or you may be using an addon that’s not compatiable or IE6. Whatever it is, it doesn’t appear to be on my end. Thanks.

    If anyone else see what Miguel does, can you let me know? thanks.

  9. Miguel says

    Adding a round-up style post is a great idea. However, one needs to first have built up enough posts on specific topics in order to execute this in a non-spammy way. Although I suppose you can broaden the topic. For example, guest posting could broaden to link building.

    I might add that you should fortify the new post by adding internal links from the older posts to this new one to create a nice content hub. But I think that you assumed this part even though you did not specifically speak to it.

    Also, it still appears that most of your site, outside of the body area still links to your SEL bio. Sorry to hassle about it again but I clicked on it three times while writing this comment and it was a bit annoying. I just wanted to click on the screen so that I could scroll back up to re-read pieces of the post.

  10. Debra says

    Grace – I love the old movies and echo your sentiments on True Grit and John Wayne! Thanks for stopping by :)

  11. Grace Becker says

    I agree, with your sentiment about loosing the greats. I was having a discussion lately with my youngest kids about the movie “True Grit”, and they did not even know John Wayne. Can we join you at your movie night?

    I want to thank you for explaining how the link building works. As a baby boomer, I struggle to understand everything techie. My mission is to get a grasp on in and then help my peers figure it out. I am so I discovered you, thanks to Yoast. I am beginning to compile my high quality professors. You might begin to get some old foggies stopping by, but we are a nice bunch. Have a wonderful day. Grace

  12. Martin Lee says

    Although I like your site and follow it frequently, I feel this post is border line bad taste. The poor girl has only just passed away and is obviously trending well in the serps.
    Just my opinion, I will still follow your site though.

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