Link Building In The Health Niche

I was reading about the changes Google made recently to the way they return health related searches and of course the linkey senses started tingling.  Here’s the announcement:




I want to zero in on a statement in the blog post:


Our data shows that a search for symptoms is often followed by a search for a related condition.


Interesting.  If you have a website in the health niche this is a great hint about the type of content you can create to attract links and searches by Google.


For example, instead of searching for a “flat” term such as:   “migraine headache symptoms”

search on a related “question” phrase such as:   “why do I get migraines?”


Notice the different type of results.  Google equates “tension headaches”  and “sensitivity to light” as being related to the information I was searching for.  They’re trying to give me next-step information while answering my initial query.



migraine headaches/link building debra mastaler


Also note the additional questions they’ve given me to consider (highlighted in yellow), they are more basic than my original question but it’s good to know they’ve drawn a correlation to my initial question.

They are also great questions I can write content for since I know the questions are being searched on and Google acknowledges.  Great way to attract links and eyeballs in the future.  And an even better way to mix-up and use related anchors.


Not in the health industry?  This will still work, take the concept of “search for a related condition” into consideration and build content around it and/or get links from related pages.  If Google is doing this for health it’s only a matter of time before they launch elsewhere, I see related applications in finance and education.


This tweak to Google’s algo is an easy link marketing pill to swallow!