Debra’s Link Round-Up


A  roundup of  some of the more interesting articles I’ve read this week.   I’ve added TIPS after some hoping they’ll help spark a link idea or three or a WTH? because they made me raise a badly shaped eyebrow.
1. Article:    How Businesses Can Use Video To Educate  

Highlight:  …”Marketing videos are now being used to lead potential customers down the path from their first experience with your business to the post sales retention and engagement marketing strategies. Here are a few ideas on when and how you can use video to educate your customers:”…

Comment:  There’s a good list of ideas for making videos which can be used to attract links.

TIP:  Develop a video and then…issue a press release, send the video link to your mailing list, add the information in your newsletter and your association’s newsletters.   Include a link-to-us call to action at the end of the video as well as your YouTube channel and the page on your site hosting the video.

2.  Article:   Amazon’s Play

Highlight:  ...” To understand the brilliance of Amazon’s and Bezos’s positioning, you need to consider the audience. The mass market is not going to watch his presentation… The audience was the tech press…Tech writers have a natural aversion to lock-in, high prices, and dominant market leaders. As reflexes, these aversions are healthy. As dogma, they are not. Bezos played these angles perfectly.”

Comment:   We talk a lot about using press releases to build links and gain exposure but we talk very little about targeting media.  This article is a great reminder how thoughtful research can be turned into a giant win for whatever it is you’re pushing.  Don’t think you can’t do what Jeff Bezo’s did just because you’re a small business owner or have a web-only presence, neither situation will hold you back.  Find your hook, find your media and understand what makes both tick.  The links will come.

Speaking of hooks…

3. Article:    How To Create Search Friendly Content

Highlight from the article:  …”We don’t condone link baiting, obviously, but hooks are real. There are pros and cons in using hooks, but the thing to remember is that when you find one that resonates with your audience, it’ll drive traffic, links, views, shares and more.

Comment:  The article is on the Bing Webmaster Center Blog so it’s official,  Bing does not condone link baiting.  Hooks yes, link baiting, no.

WTH?  The Bing post points to an article written by Todd Malicoat on his SEO blog  titled “Link Baiting Playbook“; it’s a  classic “resource hook” and frequently linked to.  The article takes an  in-depth look at link bait  and does a great job explaining all the touch points including the use of hooks. Todd explains viral marketing is about exposure and link baiting is about links which is probably why Bing has come out and said they don’t condone the process.

Hmmm.   So basically look at the hooks but ignore the rest of the article is what I’m reading there.  That’s pretty hard given the majority of Todd’s piece shows us how to use hooks to craft killer link bait.

Thankfully, Google likes linkbait, at least for now:   …”I say link baiting is the way to go, as long as it’s from a good internet neighborhood, and the source is relevant to the content of the website”

And where did I find that quote?  On Bing, it is the first result 😉

4.  Article:   The Astounding Power of Pinterest [Infographic]

Highlight from the article:  



Comment:  Check out what is circled in red.   The average order by a user who has seen a product on Pinterest is almost twice that of Twitter and Facebook.  If  you have a website in one of the categories under  “PINNERS LOVE SHOPPING”  and you don’t have a Pinterest presence going, RUN FORREST RUN to Pinterest.  Now.

TIP:  Given Pinterest’s popularity, consider using your board to announce new content on your blog/site.  Include passive linking messages on the Pinterest board and on your blog to stimulate linking to your content.

5. Article:   Comparing Backlink Data Providers

Highlight from the article:  

  • Ahrefs – Use for link cleanup
  • MajesticSEO – Use for mentions monitoring
  • Mozscape – Use for accurate competitor/market analysis

 Comment:   Tool review on SEOBook blog  explores the differences between the  Ahrefs, Ayima, MajesticSEO and MozScape link data.  If you use a tool or are in the market for one, this is a good read.

6. Article:    Content Strategy Generator Tool -V2 Update

Highlight from the article:  We want to track down bloggers and editors who we can potentially get in touch with, that may be interested in our awesome new content idea. 

Comment:  I’m not sure how I missed this great tool when it came out last year or the update that happened this spring but now I know!  This cool tool uses multiple sources to help you find potential content placement opportunities.   And best of all?  It’s free. 🙂

While you’re on the site, check out  Stop Paying for Terrible Links [& How to Check for Low Quality Links], it has some good tips and a video on weeding out your bad links.

Until next time, good linking!