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debrapicksIt’s been a great week for content, lots of good stuff being written and recorded.  Here are my top ten article picks, enjoy!:


1.  A podcast interview with Aaron Wall of SEOBook fame. The podcast is about an hour long so get a cup of coffee and get comfortable:



2.  My second selection is a great historical and insider look at Google and Larry Page in particular. Another long piece but worth the read if you’re into knowing about the inner-workings of Google.


3.  Two articles on the possibility Google is going to change/drop  its lackluster social program Google +




4.  Do you think Facebook is dying?  This article says no and talks about a new Facebook “secret sauce”.



5. Ammon Johns is suggesting people remove Google Analytics from their websites.   I love Ammon :)



6.  Anyone that knows me knows I love basketball. Love, love love.  The article didn’t make my list because of the content or the overdone statistical charts they peppered through the article but because of the Title.

In the NBA it’s not Whether You Win or Lose, It’s Whether You Beat Vegas“.

Amen and that’s a winner Title :)



7.  No one likes being told what they’ve done wrong but if you don’t listen you will not  improve.  Good post showing  coulda-woulda-shoulda points on why some content isn’t shared and how it can be improved.



8.  Another solid informational article from Peter DaVanzo from SEOBook blog.  This week he talks about A/B testing and why it’s not an end-all-be-all for webmasters.  My intro is droll, the article isn’t ;)



9.  Garrett French and I did a Hangout with Dave Harry, Terry Van Horne and the gang from the SEODojo.  Always a good time with that crew!



10.  Looking for local SEO tools?  WooRank blog listed 10 in their article “10 Local SEO Tools To Make Your Business Awesome.  Really“.



That’s my reading list, what is on yours?  If you have a good article to share, leave it in comments and I’ll check it out.  If I think it is great, I’ll tweet it!  
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the weekend.


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  3. says

    I’m not so impressed by that Ammon bloke myself. I mean, Debra is just as smart and a hell of a lot better looking with it … ;)

    Thanks for the mention, Debra :)

  4. Ryan Biddulph says

    Debra, I love Ammon too ;) When I obsess over metrics I mess up, and when I detach entirely, I succeed wildly. Always a one to one ratio here, which is why I’ve never used Google Analytics and never will, and why I’m also doing away with the stats plug ins I’ve used in the past. I get it; having markers can help, but I’m going forward based on heart-felt, intuitive nudges, because I’m doing just fine with this approach ;) Traveling the world for 3 years straight has taught me to detach from outcomes, and to listen to your true voice before metrics.


    I found this on kingged(dot)com and am delighted to vote it up :)

  5. says

    Marty! Thanks for stopping by. The blog is a work in progress, cobblers shoes and all that :)

    I fell in love with basketball watching Michael Jordan years ago, first time I saw him sail and twist through the air I thought” wow, better than ballet”. Been hooked ever since. I’ll see you in the forum!

  6. says

    Oh my–I am VERY impressed by the new digs, Debra…very 3.0 of you. Looks truly wonderful – and seeing this feed light back up in my list, makes me super happy indeed. I have missed you…well missed you blogging here, anyway. I cyber-stalk well, and glean what I can in the forum and wherever you are speaking.
    I did not know you were a bballer- I should set you up with 30 minutes with my son…I bet he can show you more dunking videos than you knew were minted. He lives for bball: I just can’t see the point- no one is fishing. :)
    Now I got some links to go follow- so thanks for coming back and steering us moles.

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