Ducky Small Business Promotion

To commemorate National Small Business Week I wanted to share this small but snazzy marketing promotion I recently found.  It’s fun, inexpensive and has the potential (with a little tweaking) to generate links, likes and positive business reviews.

I did a bit of traveling recently and when I checked into my hotel, found this in the bathroom:


small business promotion Link Spiel


Here is what the front of the card says:




Prizes!  I like winning prizes so I opened the card to see what I needed to do:




Shades of Phlatt Stanley!!

I went to the Comfort Inn’s Facebook page to see if anyone was participating in the promo, honestly, I had my doubts. I found Ducky in a teeny tiny little Comfort Inn in Lexington VA, not exactly a hot spot for young and hip travelers who know how to use Facebook and QR codes. (QR codes weren’t even a twinkle in some programmers eye when Phlatt Stanley was a meme)

Boy was I wrong, they have hundreds of postings from people showing off  their ducks!  Some were tearjerkers:



Others were a hoot…




I saw ducks in Haiti, Burning Man, Germany, Alaska, Florida, The Grand Canyon… on cruises, on trains, planes and automobiles.  There were ducks everywhere!  In addition to Facebook I found mentions of the promotion on Trip Advisor, the Comfort Inn corporate site and Yelp. Great way to strengthen the reputation of the hotel and expose the brand.




IMO, this type of home-grown, low-cost promotion has a number of benefits and is a good idea because:

1.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get it started.  Small tchotchkes like rubber ducks are inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk.

2.  It’s memorable.  Every time you look at it you will remember the Comfort Inn Lexington.

3.  It serves a dual purpose.  The ducky promotes the hotel and the hotel’s Facebook page.  Double win.

4.  The promotion doesn’t look like you’re trying.  As an SEO that is a good thing 😉

I think this is a great little promo for a small business owner with limited funds and time to spend on marketing.   You don’t have to be a hotel owner, any type of business can use this idea.  Drop a giveaway in whatever you sell or handout at trade shows and conferences, make it cute, small and fun! Quack. 🙂

What cool and inexpensive ways have you marketed your small business?

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