debramastaler The Link Spiel is owned and managed by me, Debra Mastaler, chief marketing minion at Link Spiel and Alliance-Link.

“Debra is one of the leading authorities in link building, her background in publicity and marketing give her an edge over people who are just hunting for PageRank™. She gets the Web is a web of ideas, people, and emotions and knows how to leverage it all for amazingly high ROI.” ~ Aaron Wall/SEOBook

“Link building is one of the cornerstones of search engine optimization, and Debra Mastaler is one of the best link builders in the business.” ~ Search Marketing Standard Magazine

Debra’s rich background in real world marketing combined with her creative genius make her an effective marketer who “gets” that links are an extension of business relationships.” ~ Christine Churchill/KeyRelevance.com

Debra Mastaler‘s link building skills are among the most respected in the online marketing industry, the girl knows her stuff. ~AimClear Blog

seowoman20132013: Nominated as a Top SEO Woman for 2013

2012: Nominated a Small Business Trends Influencer by SmallBizTrends.com

2011: Named one of Search Marketing Standard Magazine’s “Women of Internet Marketing“.







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and in 2009 was listed 17th in the Top 100 Most Influential Marketers

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Debra has served on the Board Of Directors for The Williamsburg Area Chamber of Commerce, The Salvation Army, Boy Scouts of America and the Search Marketing Association of North America. She is the Link Building Moderator on the SEOBook Community Forum, a featured columnist for Search Engine Land, a featured speaker for Search Marketing Expo (SMX) and Search Engine Strategies (SES). She has done link building training sessions for the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) as well as SES and SMX.

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My Link Building Column on Search Engine Land: http://searchengineland.com/author/debra-mastaler


Podcasts And Video Interviews:

Search Geeks Speak: http://seotrainingdojo.com/seo-dojo-live.html  (2014)

SEO Dojo: http://seotrainingdojo.com/search-geeks-speak-link-building-panel.html and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb63BaqeLOw

On Stone Temple Consulting http://www.stonetemple.com/podcasts/Debra-Mastaler-Podcast-102008.shtml

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