Can I Ask A Favor?

I know LinkSpiel has been quiet for some time and I appreciate the fact you've hung in there and didn't delete me from your RSS reader. THANK YOU! I took the second half of 2014 off to attend to a couple of personal matters and take a hard look where I was going professionally.  After a lot of soul-searching I decided I like being a link builder and will stick with it but also decided a Continue Reading

Ducky Small Business Promotion

To commemorate National Small Business Week I wanted to share this small but snazzy marketing promotion I recently found.  It's fun, inexpensive and has the potential (with a little tweaking) to generate links, likes and positive business reviews. I did a bit of traveling recently and when I checked into my hotel, found this in the bathroom:     Here is what the front of Continue Reading

Worth Reading

It's been a great week for content, lots of good stuff being written and recorded.  Here are my top ten article picks, enjoy!:   1.  A podcast interview with Aaron Wall of SEOBook fame. The podcast is about an hour long so get a cup of coffee and get comfortable:   2.  My second selection is a great historical and insider look at Google Continue Reading

9 Tools To Schedule Tweets

Need a tool to schedule tweets?  Here are nine to pick from:   1.  BufferApp    Overall, the free version is hard to beat, one of my favorites given what it can do. Bookmarklet can be a little buggy now and then, when it is, I delete from my toolbar and re-install. Recommend upgrading if multiple people will use the tool and/or you have multiple accounts. Offer a free/paid Continue Reading

What Google Thinks About Certain Links

Google engineer Matt Cutts uploaded a couple new videos recently focused on specific link building tactics and what Google thinks of them. I transcribed a couple of the vids and wanted to share one here along with a handful of thoughts and observations.  I numbered (in red) behind the sentences I wanted to comment on. Video title:  What is Google's thinking about links from article marketing, Continue Reading