Worth Reading

It's been a great week for content, lots of good stuff being written and recorded.  Here are my top ten article picks, enjoy!:   1.  A podcast interview with Aaron Wall of SEOBook fame. The podcast is about an hour long so get a cup of coffee and get comfortable: http://www.visiblehq.com/episode-13/   2.  My second selection is a great historical and insider look at Google Continue Reading

What Google Thinks About Certain Links

Google engineer Matt Cutts uploaded a couple new videos recently focused on specific link building tactics and what Google thinks of them. I transcribed a couple of the vids and wanted to share one here along with a handful of thoughts and observations.  I numbered (in red) behind the sentences I wanted to comment on. Video title:  What is Google's thinking about links from article marketing, Continue Reading

Follow The Media For Links

The Online News Association conference (#ONA12)  took place in San Francisco last week and all kinds of nuggets came out of it.  As a link builder I'm always interested to know what the media is interested in and the criteria they use to cover a story so I was eager to hear about this show.  Here are a handful of  things that made my linkey senses go all tingly: 1.  Jen Preston from The New Continue Reading

Debra’s Link Round-Up

  A  roundup of  some of the more interesting articles I've read this week.   I've added TIPS after some hoping they'll help spark a link idea or three or a WTH? because they made me raise a badly shaped eyebrow. 1. Article:    How Businesses Can Use Video To Educate   Highlight:  ..."Marketing videos are now being used to lead potential customers down the path from their first Continue Reading

Case Study: Using Contests To Build Links

It’s common knowledge certain markets are harder to build links for than others. For the most, part highly competitive industries are tough because they are highly competitive (and they’ve been worked to death), but less competitive markets can also be difficult because of the demographic behind them. Such was the case for a client we took on awhile back in the financial services industry. He Continue Reading