G+1 Link Insights

Joe took the kids to Camden Yards see the Orioles play the Blue Jays this evening (Orioles won 6 - 2) and I have the house to myself (whoo hoo!) so I'm playing catch-up with email and my reading. Found several interesting things I thought I'd share:   In March of this year Google quietly launched a marketing booklet in the United Kingdom called Think Quarterly, a publication whose aim Continue Reading

Are You Afraid Of Building Links?

When demand for a product or service shifts, marketing responses shift with them. Changing consumer preferences drive what solutions are offered, to whom and for how much so when I saw the following ads, I thought "what the hell is driving this?"                   I am the first one to raise my hand and say link Continue Reading

New Link Marketing Uses Old Link Building

  Need a new link building technique or resource?  Here's a handful of old link building ideas tweaked and twisted to help you find new links.   1.  If you use directories in your linking efforts, replace the word "directory" with "document sharing site" and search on your keywords to find new submission sources.  Consider submitting your content in various formats in addition Continue Reading

Panda Pushback Links

  I wanted to jump on the Panda bandwagon and share a number of thoughts and observations I have/had on the update.  I've talked to lots of people and watched what happened to a number of sites and came away feeling this was another link update.  (Big shock there eh?)   Let me break it down:   1.  I raised an eyebrow after reading Google's latest panda post, not because of the Continue Reading

Link Building With Elizabeth Taylor

When I saw a tweet this week saying "Elizabeth Taylor has died" I was crushed, she's always been one of my favorite actors. When I told my kids what happened and both immediately asked who she was,  I decided it was time to make a list of classic movies and start having MGM Night at the Mastalers. So many stars of the golden era are gone now, I want them to know something about movie history Continue Reading