Advice From A Link Building Poet Don’t You Know It


A while back I wrote a post called  Forget The Link Wheel, Get A Text Wheel where I suggested  text messaging could be incorporated into your ongoing link building campaigns.  Here’s the gist of the post:       People want promotional offers sent to their phones. Of 160 people surveyed in North Carolina, Ohio, […]

Turn Stolen Copy Lemons Into Link Lemonade


This is a long one, you might want to freshen up your coffee and get comfy!  99% of the time I’m pretty easy going, I don’t particularly care about industry drama nor do I get too caught up in over-analzying the latest algorithm shifts. Whatevah.  But.  I do get a little testy when I find someone’s taken content from my site without […]

Don’t Break The Cardinal Rule Of LinkBait

covered ears

  Recently, a piece of very detailed, very expensive linkbait I helped create and market – failed.   It shocked the heck out of me since I followed the exact same process I always do when promoting content like this.  I really wanted to know what went wrong so I went back over every step of the […]

How To Generate Media Links


One of the tactics I use to generate new links is to review a site’s stats and create a media promotion based on the trends I find. This strategy is not an easy, turn-key linking program but if you’re serious about growing your business as well as your links, it’s one of the best ways to attract […]