How Small Business Can Build Links And Likes With Facebook


  If you’re a small business (or any size really) and want a couple of ideas how you can use Facebook to build links, this might help.     I’ve been doing a lot of reading on Facebook marketing lately, there’s a ton of good information out there but I keep coming back to a couple sites: […]

G+1 Link Insights


Joe took the kids to Camden Yards see the Orioles play the Blue Jays this evening (Orioles won 6 – 2) and I have the house to myself (whoo hoo!) so I’m playing catch-up with email and my reading. Found several interesting things I thought I’d share:   In March of this year Google quietly […]

Turning Duplicate Content Lemons Into Linkbuilding Lemonade


Over the years I’ve met some very cool people in the SEO industry, Everett Sizemore is one of them.  Michael Gray introduced us a couple years ago and we hit it off immediately, we share many of the same interests and beliefs when it comes to SEO, sustainable living and well, just about everything else too. […]

Get Over Yourself And Give Me A Link (please)


Getting a topically relevant link is preferable to one from an off topic webpage but  it’s not always so easy, competitors seldom link to competitors, authority sites seldom link to newbies. I had some luck getting these hard/competitive/authority type links awhile back, the campaign brought in a large number of on-topic, quality links from competitors in […]

Are You Afraid Of Building Links?


When demand for a product or service shifts, marketing responses shift with them. Changing consumer preferences drive what solutions are offered, to whom and for how much so when I saw the following ads, I thought “what the hell is driving this?”                   I am the first […]