Calling Matt Cutts To The Bat Phone

Dear Matt Cutts:     I hope this finds you well.   I’m writing to ask a question about anchor text and if you count the anchor found in a second link on a page. There’s been a lot of discussion on this topic recently, it’s an important point and one a lot of people […]

.EDU Links and the Maytag Repairman.

I live about 25 minutes outside of Richmond and travel up there a good bit to shop and work. When I read today that Richmond native Clay Jackson had been picked to be Maytag’s new MayTag Repairman I thought YEAH! Local man makes good. Cool. I poked around the website MayTag used to launch and […]

Promotional Link Placement

What do, Reeces Pieces, Gordon’s Gin and Cadillac have in common? Absolutely nothing except all three brands have been used in promotional product placements. Product placement is a form of advertising where branded items are used in a visual medium as a natural part of the storyline. It’s not a new marketing tactic; Gordons Gin paid […]

Link Traps

Sometimes we get so caught up looking for the latest and greatest link building program we forget about the simple, tried and true tactics that attract links. Before you invest time and money on a linking program, take care of business at home by creating some of these easy but effective link traps… You Have […]