The Only Link Building Secrets Out There Are The Ones You Don’t Listen To

    One of the comments left after my link building interview on SearchEnginePeople (thank you Ruud) made me raise an eyebrow.  It said:       Good advice but they are completely basic and well known . i always think whether their are some hidden secrets which make the link building very easy   Bold is mine.  The comment was made in response to a … [Read more...]

Stinky Link Bait.

Here's a good example of a well optimized press release dangling bad link bait: Chicago Trial Attorneys Win $7 Million Verdict in Defamation of Character Lawsuit for Former Bears Kicker Joseph A. Power, Jr., and his partner Todd A. Smith, Chicago trial attorneys at Power, Rogers & Smith, successfully upheld the rights of Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice, a former Bears … [Read more...]