Are You Afraid Of Building Links?

When demand for a product or service shifts, marketing responses shift with them. Changing consumer preferences drive what solutions are offered, to whom and for how much so when I saw the following ads, I thought "what the hell is driving this?"                   I am the first one to raise my hand and say link Continue Reading

Turn Stolen Copy Lemons Into Link Lemonade


This is a long one, you might want to freshen up your coffee and get comfy!  :) 99% of the time I'm pretty easy going, I don't particularly care about industry drama nor do I get too caught up in over-analzying the latest algorithm shifts. Whatevah.  But.  I do get a little testy when I find someone's taken content from my site without asking and without linking back to me. I'm not a good Continue Reading

Bush Links. The New Name For Paid Links


I read a great article this morning by George Diaz sharing his opinion on Reggie Bush giving up the Heisman Trophy.  For what it's worth, I agree with George,  Bush only did this as a way to save what little face he has left and avoid the inevitable.  What a shame.  Bush will forever be cited and remembered as the first person to give up the Heisman.  Not how you want to become a historical Continue Reading

Can You Handle On Page Links?

 Both Read Write Web and Nicholas Carr's Rough Type Blog  featured articles today on the pros and cons of on page linking.  Read Write Web asked if links were      a net negative for readers online and wondered if        Placing links at the end of articles is more respectful of a person's intentions and concentration.  Hmmm.  Nicholas Carr was a bit more entertaining  and explained his views Continue Reading