The Only Link Building Secrets Out There Are The Ones You Don’t Listen To


    One of the comments left after my link building interview on SearchEnginePeople (thank you Ruud) made me raise an eyebrow.  It said:       Good advice but they are completely basic and well known . i always think whether their are some hidden secrets which make the link building very easy   Bold is mine.  […]

Busted By The Wikipedia Police

In a recent post on Search Engine Land’s Link Week I got a less-than-enthusiastic comment/rebuttal from a Wiki supporter after I suggested looking to the Wikipedia as a link resource. Here’s the comment I got: Deb, please have a look at Wikipedia’s conflict of interest guideline. I believe that webmasters should be able to do whatever […]

And Now A Word From Our Link Sponsor.

I read through a post on the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog titled “Building link-based popularity” by Stefanie Ulrike Dürr. It’s nothing new but here’s a couple of interesting things she said: “This confusion lies in the common belief that there are two ways for optimizing the link-based popularity of your website: Either the meritocratic […]