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Standard Disclaimer for External Links

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Standard Disclaimer

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Privacy Policy

Link Spiel does not collect email addresses or any other personal information from anyone visiting this site. We don’t launch “cookies” or record IP address for the purpose of future marketing. If you comment after a post, you’ll be asked for standard contact information in keeping with the programming associated with most Word Press platforms. We don’t look at the contact information you submit in order to comment, and never collect, sell, rent or use your contact information for promotional reasons. We are committed to privacy and support industry initiatives to preserve individual privacy rights on the Internet.

We don’t believe in outing, snitching or otherwise ratting out another website when blogging, if we don’t ask you to be part of a story, we will conceal the identity of a site we use.

We do not knowingly collect information via the affiliate links we use.

Copyright Terms

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Terms Of Service

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