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Content Scouts 

The idea behind Content Scouts  is simple;  you focus on creating the content,  Content Scouts will find websites and influencers to promote it.

You are probably spending a lot of time (and money) creating blog posts, infographics, ebooks, videos and other various content pieces as a way to attract links and engage customers.  That’s great and a good idea but do you have partner sites lined up to host what you are creating? Have you spent time looking for influential people in your industry you can tap to promote your content?  If the answer is no, Content Scouts can help.  We scout the Internet for suitable host sites and pinpoint the best people to help you promote the awesome content you are producing.

Our content sourcing service will:

  • Develop a list of web sites you can contact, negotiate and partner with for content placement. (No networks, no crap sites)
  • Research and compile a list of news sources actively running stories and looking for content from your niche. (Name, email, URL of news outlet)
  • Research and compile a list of true influencers from your social media circles as well as your industry at large.

Each campaign is customized to your site and industry, we don’t provide the same list of websites over and over, you’ll get fresh sources with each service.  We have a proprietary process we follow for each campaign we take on, we search for and create lists of the best, most influential sites and people with the potential to help promote your business content.

For more information please email: info @ and provide the following:

  1. URL of the site
  2. Type of business
  3. Your name
  4. Are you part of a SEO company?  If yes, provide URL


 Link Building Consultations with Debra Mastaler
Link Building Consultation
No openings available for this service until October 2014


For over a decade, I have worked with webmasters to  improve their search engine rankings by developing and implementing creative link building campaigns. While link building is still an important part of SEO, the strategy has matured and become more marketing based, there is less emphasis on what you do and more on where.

If you need an occasional hand keeping up with the changes, want to hear about what’s working tactically or need a number of fresh new link building ideas, my affordable Link Building Consultation is for you! In our 90 minute call we’ll cover:

  • The latest and best marketing tactics you can use to attract links
  • Ways to use social media/networks for links
  • Ways to attract media attention
  • The latest changes to the algorithms and how they may impact you

After our consultation, I will leave you with an easy-to-follow written outline of the sales, social, publicity, and promotion tactics we cover.

To schedule a Link Building Consultation with me, please email debra at   Thanks!

Debra is one of the leading authorities in link building, her background in publicity and marketing give her an edge over people who are just hunting for PageRank. She gets the Web is a web of ideas, people, and emotions and knows how to leverage it all for amazingly high ROI.” ~ Aaron Wall/SEOBook