blogpost 8Hi, I’m Debra Mastaler, chief marketing minion behind Link Spiel.  Welcome!

As a SEO for hire and a webmaster with multiple properties, I am constantly on the look-out for new and creative ways to promote my sites.  The Link Spiel started as a link building blog in 2005 but has shifted gears and now focuses on sharing creative promotional ideas and reviews of  marketing tools.  Since you can take the girl out of linking but not linking out of the girl, a lot of what I cover has a link building slant to it so rest assured, there’s still a lot of link marketing advice here.

Over the years I amassed a huge resource of sites and tools I use in my link building, publicity and promotion efforts, I’m always being asked to share my resources so I created the Link Spiel Tool Directory.  If you’re looking for a tool to help with your organic website promotion, check out my resource.

Here on the Link Spiel we provide :

  • Unbiased reviews of  organic website marketing tools and services.
  • Tips and website marketing trends in SEO, social, mobile, and local tools.
  • A directory featuring a wide range of  organic marketing, email and productivity tools.
  • An occasional fun/offbeat/ranty post or video.

I do most of the posts and reviews here but will have guest tool reviewers from time to time. Reviewers focus on the features, value and educational aspects behind a tool as well as great ideas and “tricks of the trade”. If we find an idea or tip in SEO, social media, local, or mobile that will help you succeed online, we’ll share it here.

In some cases I take advantage of affiliate programs associated with products listed and reviewed, I do this to cover the cost of running the site and fund our gift-giving program. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a number of charities and special interest causes as they come up during the year.

Link Spiel does not accept compensation of any type from webmasters looking for tool reviews or directory listings, it is not a paid directory and inclusion is not automatic.  I add tools as I find or review them, if you are interested in having a tool reviewed for the blog and/or added to the tool directory, read our guidelines carefully before submitting.  Or, if you are interested in one of the marketing services I offer, check out my options here.

If you have additional questions, let me know.

Thank you for visiting, please tell your friends about us and return often.



Debra Mastaler
Link Spiel 

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