What Matt Cutts Said About Directories And A Discount

  A while back I asked Best Of The Web (BOTW) President Greg Hartnett about a change the directory had implemented, seems they added nofollow attributes to their Sponsored Link section.  Regular directory listings were still attribute free but sponsored links went pink.  I was curious to know why they made this change so I asked, here is what Greg responded with: We're always trying to Continue Reading

Where’s The G+ Beef?

Recently, on Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan wrote the following about G+: Google’s held nothing back in trying to make Google+ successful. The company, which used to never advertise on television, now routinely seems to have commercials pushing its social network. That surprised me, I was commenting just the other day I hardly see anything on prime time TV about G+.  The person I was Continue Reading

Link Building In The Health Niche

I was reading about the changes Google made recently to the way they return health related searches and of course the linkey senses started tingling.  Here's the announcement:       I want to zero in on a statement in the blog post:   Our data shows that a search for symptoms is often followed by a search for a related condition.   Interesting.  If Continue Reading

And You’re A Dumb Ass. Link Building 20 Minutes Later

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a conversation with someone, walked away and then 20 minutes later thought  "damn, I should have said"... <insert witty, super-snarky, something Tina Fey would say> comment?   I do, something like that happened to me this weekend.  I was irked at myself (again) for not having a better come back and while I was stewing thinking about Continue Reading

Building Links, Gaining Trust

I found this little card in the bottom of my strawberry container, it's a promotional offer driving people to a website or asking them to call in and complete a survey in exchange for a $5 coupon by mail.       For such a little card the promotion sure packed a huge marketing punch.  Is there a way to use something like this to build links, drive traffic and build brand Continue Reading