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Ducky Small Business Promotion

To commemorate National Small Business Week I wanted to share this small but snazzy marketing promotion I recently found.  It's fun, inexpensive and has the potential (with a little tweaking) to generate links, likes and positive business … Continue Reading

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Follow The Media For Links

The Online News Association conference (#ONA12)  took place in San Francisco last week and all kinds of nuggets came out of it.  As a link builder I'm always interested to know what the media is … Continue Reading

WSJ comment

Creating Provocative Link Content

Looking for creative and news worthy topics to write about?  Join the crowd.  With everyone focused on creating and promoting content for links, competition for space and eyeballs gets harder every … Continue Reading


Where’s The G+ Beef?

Recently, on Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan wrote the following about G+: Google’s held nothing back in trying to make Google+ successful. The company, which used to never advertise on … Continue Reading