Linkbuilding Recommendations When Using Contests

I found an  interesting article on SEW,  Business Wire Wins Press Release SEO Patent .  For a long time I used Business Wire (BW) almost exclusively when launching client press releases, I'll be curious to see how they use this patent grant in their marketing. While I was poking around the BW site, I noticed this featured press release:   Ball State University Senior Wins Lunch With Continue Reading

Rockin’ The Not So Sexy Links

A while back I attended a meeting of a business group I belong to, we meet three times a year to talk about on and offline marketing trends. Three of us in the group own SEO firms, the other members are marketing directors, public relations officers and sales managers from large and small companies scattered throughout Virginia. Everyone has a specific expertise they bring to table, we use Continue Reading

Is An Image Link Worth A Thousand Words?

Links have been disabled.   I saw a variation of this question posed on WebmasterWorld recently, a member asked: If I don't want to spend time creating and distributing content as a way to get links, what else can I do?" The person asking the question didn't want to guest blog, issue press releases or create any kind of written content, he reasoned good content didn't have to be about Continue Reading

How Small Business Can Build Links And Likes With Facebook

  If you're a small business (or any size really) and want a couple of ideas how you can use Facebook to build links, this might help.     I've been doing a lot of reading on Facebook marketing lately, there's a ton of good information out there but I keep coming back to a couple sites:   All Facebook  - if it's about Facebook, you'll find it here.  This article on Continue Reading

G+1 Link Insights

Joe took the kids to Camden Yards see the Orioles play the Blue Jays this evening (Orioles won 6 - 2) and I have the house to myself (whoo hoo!) so I'm playing catch-up with email and my reading. Found several interesting things I thought I'd share:   In March of this year Google quietly launched a marketing booklet in the United Kingdom called Think Quarterly, a publication whose aim Continue Reading