Turning Duplicate Content Lemons Into Linkbuilding Lemonade

Over the years I've met some very cool people in the SEO industry, Everett Sizemore is one of them.  Michael Gray introduced us a couple years ago and we hit it off immediately, we share many of the same interests and beliefs when it comes to SEO, sustainable living and well, just about everything else too.  If I'm looking for a straight, no-frills answer, I know I can depend on Everett to give it Continue Reading

Get Over Yourself And Give Me A Link (please)

Getting a topically relevant link is preferable to one from an off topic webpage but  it's not always so easy, competitors seldom link to competitors, authority sites seldom link to newbies. I had some luck getting these hard/competitive/authority type links awhile back, the campaign brought in a large number of on-topic, quality links from competitors in a specific industry. What's more Continue Reading

Are You Afraid Of Building Links?

When demand for a product or service shifts, marketing responses shift with them. Changing consumer preferences drive what solutions are offered, to whom and for how much so when I saw the following ads, I thought "what the hell is driving this?"                   I am the first one to raise my hand and say link Continue Reading

New Link Marketing Uses Old Link Building

  Need a new link building technique or resource?  Here's a handful of old link building ideas tweaked and twisted to help you find new links.   1.  If you use directories in your linking efforts, replace the word "directory" with "document sharing site" and search on your keywords to find new submission sources.  Consider submitting your content in various formats in addition Continue Reading

3 Effective Ways To Jumpstart Your Link Building

      For a lot of people, link building is a drag. It’s like going to the dentist or writing that tax check every quarter… you don’t really want to do it but you know you have to. It’s that drag factor that makes a lot of people look for short cuts and easy methods to hurry the process along and get maximum bang for the shortest buck. Unfortunately, if this is how you Continue Reading