You Shouldn’t Use YouTube For Building YouLinks

          As a link builder I'm not enamoured with YouTube and do not recommend using it as a primary way to build links or as an integral part of your SEO program.   Why? Videos on YouTube are on YouTube so any optimization effort you implement helps YouTube and not your website/pages.      YouTube contributes to the pinking of the 'Net/Web (uses nofollow) so any link Continue Reading

Link Building With Content Ideas

    Today's edition of Resource Shelf  listed a report from PEW on how Americans were using the Internet to cope with the recession.  This bit caught my eye and got the link brain going: Some 69% of all Americans have used the internet to cope with the recession as they hunt for bargains, jobs, ways to upgrade their skills, better investment strategies, housing options, and government Continue Reading

Encore Post – Tom Sawyer Would Not Link

I spent a couple of days painting last week and was reminded of an old post I did in 2006  so I'm running it again.  ~ Debra ------------------------------------------------------------------- I spent most of last weekend painting the living room, dining room, and hallway of a house we're trying to sell. I had never under taken a paint project before so I wasn't aware of the labor intensive Continue Reading

Using Viral Email To Build Links

  If you've been doing business online for any length of time chances are you have a database of opt-in email addresses from customers, vendors, newsletter signups etc.  Here's a way to use those email addresses to increase your inbound links and spark a viral marketing campaign. The Set Up. I get a copy of the Washington Post delivered to the house every Sunday.  I've been getting Continue Reading

The New Link Adventures Of Old Debra

I sat at my desk for the longest time today trying to write a link building post  that used  the storyline from the TV show  "The New Adventures of Old Christine".  I love the show and wanted to draw a correlation between it and link building but it wasn't meant to be. So I decided to forget about the show, tweak the title a bit and blog about how using old fashion offline advertising tricks could Continue Reading