Look At Everything With Link Building Eyes

Conference bags

I’ve been attending SEO and marketing conferences since 2002 and have amassed a huge pile of totes and backpacks as a result.   I use them all the time, mostly for groceries but I also haul around library books, gym clothes and gardening tools in them.  Not too long ago a woman stopped me in […]

The Link Party Is Never Over


 Recently,  in the members only SEOBook forum, a thread was started with this special offer: <snip> is having a birthday bash and has a package of web design templates, scripts, icons, videos, textures, etc… for $20. It expires on Tuesday.  Here’s the link  <snip> The thread and promotion were dropped in August and it’s September now so […]

Using Viral Email To Build Links


  If you’ve been doing business online for any length of time chances are you have a database of opt-in email addresses from customers, vendors, newsletter signups etc.  Here’s a way to use those email addresses to increase your inbound links and spark a viral marketing campaign. The Set Up. I get a copy of the Washington Post […]